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St Kitts

St Kitts Yacht Charter

Known for its cultural, historical and architectural significance, the federal two-island nation of St Kitts and Nevis is often referred to as the ‘Secret Caribbean’ for a good reason. Part of the Leewards Islands chain, these beautifully unspoiled, tropical islands are a haven for all nature lovers. Its stunning and picturesque landscapes include dazzling beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters and mountains covered in lush, green jungles. An ideal charter destination, St.Kitts and Nevis offer everything one wishes to experience while exploring the best of the Caribbean, from luxury amenities to astonishing wildlife and tranquil bays.


St.Kitts’ capital, which is famous for its black volcanic sand beaches, Basseterre is well worth a visit. Take a day to wander through its winding streets while you explore some of its key historical sites, such as the Independence Square, which houses both a courthouse and cathedral and the Circus that link back to the island’s roots in the sugar and slave trade. In the evening, enjoy its bustling and vibrant nightlife.

Brimstone Hill Fortress

An impregnable fortress, once known as the ‘Gibraltar of the West Indies’, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on a hill at the top of St.Kitts, it is one of the best-preserved historical fortifications in the Americas. Although British military engineers designed it, it was built by African slave labour in the late 17th century, highlighting the island’s past.

Clay Villa Plantation House

Nestled behind ancient headstone walls with unrivalled panoramic vistas of Nevis, the Clay Villa Plantation House and Gardens spans 10 acres. The only free-working estate on the island, it dates back to 1763. Wander through the eco-friendly gardens that are home to an array of local flora and fauna.




57m – Feadship – 2013