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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Yacht Charter

Just north of Australia lies a tropical paradise waiting to be discovered by water. Papua New Guinea is a utopia for scuba divers and snorkelers, as its crystal clear waters harbour some of the world’s most vibrant and bright coral reefs. Known for its stunning landscapes, which range from jungled covered mountainous terrain and out-of-this-world beaches as well as its varied flora and fauna, let the magical pull of this unspoiled charter destination lure you in. From charming towns by the seaside to its ancient tribal cultures to its secluded beaches and active volcanoes, this is genuinely a charter destination unlike any other.

Alotau, Milne Bay

Learn more about the Battle of Milne Bay, also known as Operation RE, that took place during World War II in the bay as you cruise along its coastline. Anchor in its sheltered waters and explore its stunning underwater cliffs and overhangs dotted with plane wreckages from the battle. Visit Alotau, the main village within the bay and see the war memorial in person. Experience your first taste of tribal culture as you mingle with the locals on the mainland and the Trobriand Islands before cruising to Fergusson Island to enjoy its active thermal region, filled with natural hot springs, bubbling mud pools and spouting geysers.

Samarai Islands

Part of the larger Louisiade Archipelago, the Samarai Islands is the ideal spot for all watersport lovers. The Deka Deka island is known for its stunning white beaches and coral reef teeming with various species of marine life, while the neighbouring island of Doini is home to a manta ray cleaning station. Learn more about the history of the region by visiting the island’s memorials, battles sites and skull caves before heading to Samarai island to see the region’s colonial architecture up close and in person.

Dobu Island

Just north of Milne Bay lies a group of volcanic islands known as the D’Entrecasteaux Islands. Take in the magnificent landscapes, which are home to unique flora and fauna, including the stunning and rare bird of paradise. On Dobu island, visit some of the beautiful villages and come face-to-face with ancient indigenous tribes who have been living in peace and harmony with mother nature for hundreds of years.




57m – Feadship – 2013