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Montenegro Yacht Charter

Picture yourself cruising through the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea as you take in the virtually unspoiled coastline of Montenegro from the deck of your charter yacht. A leading yachting destination, this hidden gem offers the ideal balance of Old World charm and modern appeal. Part of the Balkans and well located between Albania, Herzegovina and Bosnia, Montenegro is best known for its rich cultural heritage and unique history. Head off the beaten cruising track and explore its beautiful coastline, which spans more than 300km and is home to unspoiled nature, wild mountains and quaint towns.


Before you set off on your charter, explore luxurious Port Montenegro in Tivat. A stunning, state of the art marina, it features every single amenities one could ever want, from renowned dining opportunities to high-end shopping. Learn more about the Tivat military past by exploring the stationary submarine, part of the former Yugoslavian navy, before setting off on your journey.


No visit to Montenegro is complete without a visit to the famous town of Budva. The best place to learn more about the country’s rich history while indulging in some of its celebrated nightlife, this ancient city has it all – soft sandy beaches, beautiful medieval architecture, and vibrant bars and clubs. Explore its small, winding streets, admire the Venetian stone walls and visit the seaside citadel before heading off to the beach for some night time dancing.


Home to one of the oldest settlements in the area, Rose appears in documents that date back to the 4th century. An ancient fortress city, head ashore to immerse yourself in the region’s past and explore some of its many historical sites filled with archaeological relics. While cruising through the turquoise waters, keep an eye out for the many shipwrecks that surround this island.




57m – Feadship – 2013