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Croatia Yacht Charter

With historical towns, pristine coastline and one of the largest archipelagos in the Mediterranean, Croatia is heaven for yachtsmen!


A secluded island, part of Mljet is a dedicated National Park. The ideal place to unwind away from the buzzing hum of activity in Dubrovnik, the island is home to two beautiful lakes which are backed by bijous beaches. Anchor nearby and enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the clear, azure waters before heading ashore for some cycling or forest hiking. In the middle of one of the lakes is an outpost that is home to the Benedictine Monastery of St Marys Island. Explore the small Games of Thrones museum, or soak up some sun at the little cafe.


Discover the set of Game of Thrones and experience the very best in Croatian culture. The city is surrounded by stunning beaches, high mountains and cryustal clear water. You will find plenty of beach clubs and gastronomic restaurants to spend the most memorable holidays.


According to National Geographic, one of the top ten island cities in the world, this UNESCO-listed island is the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Europe and is reminiscent of Venice. The town is filled with canals and waterways lined by red terracotta-roofed houses and palm trees. Linked to the mainland via a bridge, head ashore and explore this small walled island. Take in the rich Baroque architecture, examine the Renaissance palaces and wander along the marble-paved streets. Be sure to visit the lovely Cathedral of St. Lovre before sampling some local dishes at one of the many fine-dining restaurants.




57m – Feadship – 2013