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Antartica Yacht Charter

The end of the world and the least inhabited continent on Earth, Antarctica is home to a variety of wildlife, including whales, penguins, sea lions and much more. The hostile climate and freezing temperature are calming down during the short summers to bring much-needed rest to the continent and incredible life. With the ice melting, the exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula is a once in a lifetime experience.

Penguins Colonies

The penguins migrate South to Antarctica during the Austral summers to breed and feed their young in the rich waters of the sub continent. Step ashore and walks among the thousands, if not more, penguins enjoying a rest on the island.


The dominant species of the oceans takes great pleasure in hunting penguins in the cold waters of the peninsula. Hard to miss with their large dorsal fins, you will most likely encounter a pod while on your way to shore aboard the tender.


With a continent covered in ice, Antarctica offers some of the most astonishing glaciers you will ever witness. Within a short tender ride, you’ll be able to observe these living structures and hear the constant cracking noise and witness the dozens of meters high columns falling in the water.




57m – Feadship – 2013